Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips in North NJ

Summer is here but we still have many more hot days to endure. Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills compared to last summer? Do you have to keep adjusting the thermostat? Don’t panic! These could be signs that you need to tweak your commercial or residential air conditioning unit. Advanced Professional PHC…

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Advantages of Central Air Conditioning

Advanced Professional Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling work on thousands of central air conditioning systems every year. We here to tell you the advantages of converting to a central air conditioning system in North NJ. Our licensed HVAC technicians are experienced with all makes, models, and brands of central AC units which also includes heat pumps.…

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Need a New Air Conditioner Installation?

It’s the start of summer and you’ve probably considered sticking with your old air conditioner or going without one. An efficient air conditioner installation will make all the difference. As temperatures rise, if you notice your air conditioner isn’t working or you don’t have an AC system, it’s time to call a professional. We’re no…

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HVAC Services: A Hassle Made Easy

Imagine this, you just got home from working the longest week of your life, only to open the door to a broken air conditioning system. The only thing worse than that is to find out that your plumbing, no pun intended has gone down the drain. As you scramble to call multiple home improvement companies…

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Need Pre-Holiday Plumbing Maintenance?

Are you in need of bathroom plumbing maintenance and repairs? The winter season is upon us and that means frozen pipes and clogged drains or toilets will be an issue. We’re just a few days away from the holidays, so you want to make sure everything is running efficiently. You can avoid holiday plumbing disaster…

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