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Pool Heaters



Have you opened your pool up for the summer and for some reason it’s not reaching your desired temperature? Even though a pool is used keep people cool during the hot months, its temperature still needs to be maintained. Not everyone likes to jump into an ice cold pool and it can put a damper on any party or 4th of July celebration!

Pool Heaters


Don’t wait for your pool’s temp to spoil the fun. When you hire Advanced Professional to repair your pool heaters and pumps, you can trust that the job will be done right.

We’re equipped with the best tools and parts in the industry, and we make sure we assess the situation first, before beginning any work. Once we examine the problem we can give you an accurate estimate of the repairs, so you will know exactly what you’ll be paying. We strive to offer customer satisfaction for every project we work on, no matter how big or small it is.

If your pool heater not heating the water at the desired temperature? Has it been long since you got your pool heater inspected for any damage?

It is time you do so now, with Advanced Professional Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling pool heater repair service. We are a leading home improvement service provider in New Jersey with a guaranteed and a high success rate. 

New Jersey’s Dropping temperatures make people owning pools, a pool heater a non-negotiable expense. It is a durable and worthy investment that extends the pool season for you and your loved ones. But, you will enjoy the warm swimming session in chilly winters only when the pool heater is in good condition. This requires periodic inspection and repair if damaged in any which way. 


Damage to the pool heater is not apparent. It gradually builds up until it can no longer heat the water. If the pool’s water balance is not right, it can directly impact the tube assembly of the pool, leading to damage and the chemical composition going beyond the saturation index. 

It can damage the built-in floor regulator of the pool heater if there is too much or too little water flow in the pool. A lack of water can make the copper brittle, leading to leakage, too much water flow, which can result in copper erosion, damaging the tube assembly and resulting in leakage. 

Improper venting in the air heater due to clogged and dirty air filters would not allow enough airflow, thereby coming in the way of proper combustion leading to release of soot, with a high risk of flame. Improper airflow is the leading cause of pool heater related accidents. 


  • Low water flow
  • Pool heater won’t stay on/off
  • Water is not warm enough
  • There are unexplained strange noises
  • You can see soot coming out of the water heater 


Our team of licensed, trained, certified, and experienced professionals has the knowledge, skills, and the right set of tools and technology required to identify and execute pool heater repair service immediately. 

With their extensive experience, they know which situation will be quickly and effectively fixed with which technique.

We offer cost-effective, efficient, and round the clock emergency pool heater repair service, which involves thorough inspection and planning a customized solution for each problem. 

We have got amazing saving deals for you that you can check out now or schedule a service with one of our pool heater repair experts today!

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