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Basement Leak Repair

Common Causes Of Basement Leaks

Window Wells

Homeowners generally get window wells installed in their home so that their basement can get ample sunlight but what it does in the process leads to accumulation of water in case there is heavy rain or the drain is not cleaned periodically. This window, well filled with water, leads to the seepage of water in the basement or exerts pressure on the walls for water to go in the basement. 

Hydrostatic Pressure

We know that there is water even deep inside the ground everywhere, albeit at an extremely lower level, which doesn’t affect the construction. But the geographical location and meteorological conditions can affect the height of the water level, especially in nearby lakes or oceans. This builds up a hydrostatic pressure that leaks to basement leakage. 

Improper Grading

It is important to note when your foundation is created that the ground should always slope away from your foundation so that the water does not accumulate. This is what proper grading is. If not done right, this can lead to water pooling around the foundation and into the basement. The slope may also change if the area around the foundation is not periodically cleaned, making water flow towards your house. 

What are the signs that you should consult a basement waterproofing contractor?

  • Have you been noticing hairline cracks in the basement floor?
  • Are there strange watermarks on the wall?
  • Are mold and mildew starting to grow under the sink or near the bathtub?
  • Are the basement windows and doors showing signs of condensation?
  • Is the basement door swollen or warped?
  • Are there unusual water puddles in the basement? 
  • Have you been noticing an odour of dampness in the basement?
  • Is the basement wall or the material it is made of starting to crumble or deteriorate?
  • Is there a white, powdery coating on the walls of your foundation?
  • Are there areas of your house that have unexplained mineral deposition? 


Why Us?

We deploy a team of licensed, trained, and certified basement waterproofing contractors who come back with the experience of having successfully made basement moisture free for homes in and around New Jersey.

Our basement waterproofing contractors come well-equipped with the knowledge, skillset, and types of equipment to fix any and every gravity of basement leak repair in a quick and effective manner. They are quick in identifying and fixing basement leak fixing the cause effectively. 

We offer cost-effective, yet efficient basement leak repair solutions after a thorough inspection to guarantee satisfactory results.  

With us, you can rest assured that you will no longer face any basement leak issue in the long run. 

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