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Water Heater Repairs


Water Heater Repair Services in North NJ

When it comes to water heater repairs in New Jersey, Advanced Professional Plumbing Heating and Cooling does not disappoint. Our trained plumbers can handle any issue that may arise with your water heater whether the heat exchanger is seriously damaged, the device won’t turn on, or you have insufficient hot water.

Heat Pump Water Heater


Have you gone to wash your hands after using the bathroom and there’s only cold water? Is your kitchen sink or dishwasher not heating the water correctly? It’s time to call Advanced Professional! If there have been consistent water heater problems in your home or business, then you can’t put off calling our team of experts. We work around the clock 24/7 every day all year long to provide residents and commercial businesses emergency water heater repairs.

Water heaters can malfunction at any moment, especially if it hasn’t been consistently getting routine maintenance. When hot water heaters don’t receive regular checkups, they’re bound to break down at some point. Advanced Professional we recommend regular maintenance at least once a year. This will ensure that the hot water heater is working efficiently, and our technicians will be able to determine if it needs any repairs or replacements.


If it happens that your water heater is beyond repair, we can easily recommend the best brand for a new water heater installation. All of these headaches can be avoided with hot water repairs by Advanced Professional plumbers and technicians. No matter how big or small the repairs may be you can trust that we’ll make the necessary repairs and test to make sure the hot water heater is working efficiently. Let us help put your mind at ease! For professional water heater repair service in New Jersey, call Advanced Professional Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

What Leads To Water Heater Damage?

  • Sedimentation 

Hard water brings different kinds of minerals that get a deposit at the bottom of the water heater system, leading to the build of sediments. This thick layer then insulates the water from the heater, minimizing its ability to heat water. This gradually damages the water heater, sometimes leading it to burst. 

  • Internal rusting

Water heaters have anodes that protect them from corroding fast. But with time, they can rust due to improper maintenance or not being replaced at the right time, and they start giving out small particles along with the water supply. This can be a serious health hazard. 

  • Excessive Pressure

Anything under excessive pressure would leak or burst. The temperature and pressure relief valve in the water heater maintains it, but if the temperature is too high or the water heater is bearing excessive pressure, you might start noticing water leaking from the side of your tank. This internal pressure can lead to a disaster if not inspected and fixed at the right time. 

Signs Of Damage In A Water Heater –

  • Leakage 

Leakage is a clear sign of damage or crack in the water heater, which needs an emergency water heater repair service by professionals. It could also be a sign of corrosion of the temperature, pressure valve getting damaged.

  • Water Shortage

If the water coming from the water heater is not of the temperature you set it at, or there is a shortage of hot water, it indicated there is something wrong with the internal components of the water heater which needs immediate fixing. 

  • Discoloured Water

If you notice brown, orange, or cloudy water coming out of the water heater, it shows that there is internal rusting or the pipes are rusted. The reason for cloudy water could be mineral deposition or damage in the internal components. 

Why Us?

We have a team of licensed, trained, and certified technicians that hold extensive experience in having successfully performed emergency water heater repair service, guaranteeing a longer life span of the system. 

Our technicians work by completely analyzing the condition of the water heater, identifying the problem, and then coming up with a custom solution to fix any and every kind of water heater issue, no matter how big or small. 

We offer cost-effective hot water repair solutions without compromising on the quality. With us, you can rest assured your water heater will be back to supplying you with warm water so that you can enjoy your bath in winters at the desired temperature. 

Check out our deal section to take advantage of the hot water repair service or schedule a service with our representative today!

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