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APCO Air PurifierThese high temperatures and pollen grains from the flowers usually make their way into our homes faster than we can imagine! High temperatures or presence of any bad odors in your house calls for immediate installation of air conditioners and air purifiers. APCO (Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation) system works together with an air conditioner to give your home an overwhelmingly conducive breathing atmosphere. 


APCO Air Purification System – What is it? 

This is a highly sophisticated device that is usually installed together with an air conditioner. Therefore supplying your house with fresh cool and clean air. The air conditioner helps by cooling the air while an APCO purifier rids all odors. This effectively removes all kinds of dangerous foreign materials. Functions of Different Parts  An APCO air purification system consists of three main parts as described below. 

The Carbon Matrix

The Carbon Matrix is a mass of active carbon within which the various foreign substances contained in the air get neutralized. The substances include a group of compounds commonly known as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which have an incredibly unpleasant smell. Other substances may also include pet odors and rotten food substances in the house. This will require the Carbon Matrix to eliminate and keep your air clean.

The UV Lamp

The UV Lamp produces a stream of UV-C light which together with the activated carbon. Therefore effectively killing harmful microbes that are present in the air. These microbes include viruses, bacteria, and molds among others. 

LED Fault Indicator

The LED Fault Indicator is an error indication mechanism. The lighting of the indicator shows the presence of a fault within the system. Replacing it should be a high priority in this case in order to keep the unit functioning properly.

Benefits of an APCO Air Purification System 

By installing an APCO air purification system in your home, you will ensure an everlasting air freshness in the house.

Keeps Air Conditioner Coils Safe and Clean

Air carrying mold from the outside can be a really huge threat to the wellbeing of the coils. The APCO Air Purification system eliminates the threat of mold, even before reaching the conditioner. In other words, effectively keeping your coils working smoothly.     

Eliminates Odors

Bad Odors come primarily from the VOCs. The system neutralizes the Volatile Organic Compounds into water vapor and carbon dioxide releasing them back into the air.  

Removes Pollen Grains From the Air

The pollen grains cause a wide range of respiratory-related infections like asthma and other kinds of allergies.    

Eliminates Ozone

Unlike other air purification designs which release ozone, an APCO air purification system works by actually removing harmful ozone from the air, therefore eliminating the danger. This supplies the home with healthy and clean air. The APCO Air Purification system keeps your family and the environment safe. 


The APCO air purification is almost maintenance-free. Most of its operations like the neutralization of VOCs result in the regeneration of the carbon matrix. Replacing the UV lamp is usually the only maintenance required within the APCO Air Purification System.

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