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Back Flow Inspections


Back Flow Inspection

Backflow can occur when a water system’s pressure malfunctions. The movement of possibly polluted water and trash in the opposite direction is known as backflow. Backflow testing is critical since this can be hazardous to one’s health and safety. You may not be familiar with backflow and how to avoid it as a home & business owner. Here’s everything you need to know about backflow testing, including why it’s important and how to avoid it.

There are two main reasons why backflow happens:

1) Back-siphonage and
2) Backpressure.

Back Siphonage

When polluted water and liquids are sucked into a potable water supply, this is known as back- siphonage. It can happen if a supply valve has been opened, pressure has changed, a pipe has been immersed in water, there is no back-siphonage protection in place, or a device has malfunctioned. In-direct contamination is defined as back-siphonage.

Back Pressure

When polluted water or liquids are pushed back into the potable water system owing to an increase in water pressure, this is known as backpressure. Mechanical mechanisms, where one system is linked to another with increased pressure, such as raised pipes or a booster pump, are two ways this might happen. This can also happen as a result of thermal expansion induced by a malfunctioning boiler or water heater. Backpressure is seen as a form of direct contamination.

Why Do Back Flow Inspections Matter?

It’s The Law! It states that 2012 International Plumbing Code (amended) Backflow/Cross- Connection Control Requirements AMENDED SECTION NEW SECTION 312.10 Installation, inspection and testing of backflow prevention assemblies, barometric loops and air gaps. Installation, inspection and testing shall comply with Sections 312.10.1 through 312.10.3. 312.10.1 Inspections.

At least once a year, a professional must come out to your home or business to examine your water system and backflow testing equipment. Backflow may be exceedingly detrimental to your health, not just in your house or business, but also in the food and industrial businesses of your city. If you’re a home or business owner who isn’t familiar with water supply or backflow prevention systems, getting a professional to physically check and test your device is a worthwhile investment.

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