Ductless Air Conditioning Services in North NJ

ductless air conditioning

You can enjoy year-round comfort in your home or business while saving money on your energy costs.
Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioning System:
• Ductless systems are more efficient than traditional electric HVAC units.
• They are up to 40% more efficient than a window or central A/C unit.
• You can control the comfort and temperature in every room.
• Produce quality air in each room.
• Ductless systems can be installed quickly.
• Safe for the environment.

Ductless Air Conditioning System

A Ductless split system is a highly efficient zonal cooling system that does not require air ducts. Ductless split systems have an outdoor unit that can accommodate up to four inside units, which are linked by a refrigerant line.

Where Are Ductless Split Systems Used?

Ductless split systems are ideal for older homes, sunrooms, additions and replacement or supplementing inefficient air conditioning units.

Life Span of a Ductless Split System Compared to a Traditional Electric HVAC system

A traditional electric heat pump's average life expectancy is 15 years, with proper maintenance. A ductless split system's average life expectancy is 20 years with proper maintenance.

Why Choose Advanced Professional for Ductless Installation?

At Advanced Professional Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we install and service all makes and models of ductless air conditioning systems. There’s no other HVAC company in North New Jersey that can handle replacing or installing a ductless system for your air conditioner. When you hire our technicians, you can rest assured that we’ll make all the necessary repairs and installations with accuracy and professionalism. We’ll even test the system before we leave and check the thermostat to ensure the ductless system is working correctly. You can trust that we will provide only the best services for all your HVAC repairs, replacements, and installations.