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Most people think that a small drip or a clogged drain is nothing to be too concerned about. Little do they realize that it can lead to bigger leaks, which leads to flooding! You don’t want to find yourself knee deep in overflowing toilet water, as it will ruin all your holiday plans. If that isn’t enough, these leaks and floods will cause mold later on, which is unhealthy to breathe in.

This season you need to prepare your bathroom plumbing for the extensive usage it will undergo. Is your toilet slowly draining and not filling quickly? There is most likely a bigger problem in the pipes that you can’t see. Does your shower drain clog constantly and you find you have to unclog it every time you use the shower or bathtub? Perhaps water is coming up through the drain when the toilet is flushed or the sink is turned on. There is definitely something more serious going on with the plumbing.


When you see your plumbing is acting up and has a problem, you need to contact us right away. Advanced Professional has licensed plumbers that are experienced and know how to get to the root of the problem. If you live in the North New Jersey area we can respond to all your plumbing needs, especially during emergencies. If you’re in Morris County, Passaic County, Hudson County, Bergen County, Union County, or Essex County, no problem! Our services cover repairs, replacements, maintenance, and if need be new installations.

We unclog all drains and pipes, flush the system with hydro jetting and make sure it’s working. Even if the problem appears to be deeper into the pipes we use video camera inspection that we insert into the pipes. This will allow us to find the clog and fix it, in time for your holiday gatherings!

Don’t hesitate to call Advanced Professional for all your plumbing maintenance and repairs. We want you to have a happy and safe holiday, but especially a clean and dry one!