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American-made Amana brand systems are backed by a lifetime warranty. You’ll save money by getting extra years from your new Amana. And, as always, we have no-nonsense financing options available. Why wait?

Of course, reliable and time-tested products are our top priority—and Amana’s. Amana’s craftsmanship and rigorous quality assurance are the best you can get. No detail is too small for Amana to check twice.

Get Comfortable. It’s an Amana Brand.

Of course, you deserve the very best. Above all, we know you care about your family’s comfort and health. That’s why we offer Amana brand home appliances. That is to say, we offer only the very best.

Amana products include air conditioners, gas furnaces, and air handlers and coils. Further, we also offer ductless systems, heat pumps, and many more indoor air appliances. Certainly, we have what you need. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you find the right Amana product for you, your budget, and your needs.

Whether it’s for home, office, or industrial use, let Advance Professional help you find the right system for you today!

Amana’s Story

The Best of the Best

Amana has been in the business of building sturdy, clean appliances since 1934. Amana’s primary factory is near Houston, Texas, with smaller factories elsewhere in Texas and Tennessee. Every part, start to finish, is made right here at home.

In the beginning, Amana made coolers and other refrigeration products. But eventually the brand expanded to encompass the full range of time-tested, hard-wearing appliances we know and love today.

Made in America

Amana designs, engineers, and assembles every product in the U.S.A. Advanced Professional is proud to continue the long history of Amana’s “American Pride” products for your home, office, or industrial space. Of course, with the Amana brand, reliable and long-lasting products are top priority.

That first factory in Amana, Iowa, began a long history of American-made quality. Amana’s Heating and Air Conditioning products are the very best you can get. Of course, it’s not just craftsmanship. The technology behind some of Amana’s best features was developed right here at home, too. That includes Million-Air heat exchangers, ComfortBridge air conditioners, and Amana’s high-quality filter driers.

And, in addition, Amana is recognized as the brand behind some of the most energy-efficient gas furnaces available anywhere.

Eco-Friendly and High-Quality

Amana cares about you and our planet. A clean Earth is an Earth we can all share. To that end, in addition to producing efficient, low-impact systems, every Amana facility uses world-class, clean manufacturing.

It’s not just lip service. Amana’s backs up their promise to the planet by certifications and global recognition. The Amana brand is recognized around the world as one of the cleanest and safest.

Several Amana  factories are ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified. That may look like gibberish, but few companies can make such claims. These are global independent standards for high-quality and environmentally-sound practices.

From the moment they cast the first piece, Amana’s eye is on clean, green products. From day one at the factory and all through its natural lifetime, your Amana system is the cleanest, safest appliance possible.

The Perfect Pair

Without a doubt, you’re in the best hands with Amana and Advance Professionals. Above all, we want you to be comfortable. As a result, we have only the best, most efficient, and safest options for you. All made in America with eco-friendly processes. In other words, the best of both worlds. Don’t wait any longer! Call us or come by today, and get comfortable.

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