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The best way to approach a plumbing problem is to first know what is easily doable and should be handled by a home or property owner as well as those items and situations that are best handled by an emergency commercial plumber. Yes, there are a lot of things that are easy to take care of, and there are two very big ifs involved, you have all the right tools and, second, you have a lot of experience fixing that kind of plumbing problem. Without both, and more importantly the second on, people turn small issues into real big disasters very quickly.

Instead, the better approach is to monitor and check your plumbing system regularly. Don’t ignore or avoid it. Instead, make a point to walk your entire system that is visible and to look for signs of problems with the parts that are not, tucked away into the walls of a structure. Not all problems have to be directly seen.

You will know, for example, there’s something wrong with the water pressure when what comes out of the faucet is weak and just a trickle of what it used to be a year ago. Tell-tale signs of a growing leak tend to be water damage and staining in walls and ceilings as well as mold. Here’s how to handle some of the more common scenarios and seek help from emergency commercial plumber – 

The Dripping Faucet

Water pressure is typically constant in most homes and buildings; it’s what is necessary to move water through a pipe system so that it comes out on demand when one opens the faucet. However, when the faucet starts to drip on its own, the seal inside is wearing out, letting liquid pass as it is squeezed through. Eventually, the drip will get worse as the degrading seal breaks down even more. Even though small, it’s not an issue that should be ignored, even if the water just drips into a sink or basin and nothing more.

First, you’re wasting water which adds to your utility bill. Second, the constant running eventually will stain and damage your basin, costing more money to repair. Finally, the dripping leak could be a sign of multiple leaks occurring, and you’re just seeing one of them in an old faucet assembly.

A Faucet replacement might seem simple, but if you don’t have the right tools, you could make a mess of things leaking more water everywhere. If you want the job done right without mistakes, call in a professional to complete a full swap out with a new system. It’s a lot cheaper than a flood in your bathroom or kitchen.

Water Pressure Very Weak

Unless the municipality you live in is doing something with the water delivery, the low water pressure should be a red flag there’s a problem. Very likely, somewhere in your home or building water is escaping and releasing the built-up pressure from the water delivery and your connection to the water main. Sometimes, it may just be that your house valve is fiddled with and needs to be opened wider. That’s a simple job you can take care of.

Sometimes, however, there’s a hidden leak or a blockage in the line. Water can’t compress, so if there’s an obstacle, the water will lessen on the delivery side. An emergency commercial plumber can look at your entire network and identify where the water is not passing or is escaping. Stop guessing and find your pressure issue the right way.

Toilets That Don’t Stop Running

Toilet reservoir draining tends to be another frequent problem, but it can usually be solved with a quick fix. Homeowners and facility personnel should first check the condition of the rubber stopper inside the toilet tank. If it looks old or you can visibly see water running in, replace it. It’s just a few dollars in cost and very easy to do. Unhook the rubber stopper from the tank pull chain and connect a new one. If the water stops, you’ve fixed the problem.

If the water continues, however, then there is likely a crack in the porcelain and the toilet needs to be replaced. If you’re not good with lifting weight and tools, have a plumber install a new unit. It takes about an hour and a professional install by an emergency commercial plumber can save you thousands of dollars avoiding a hernia or slipping your back.

The Hot Water Disappeared

This problem is likely associated with the water heater in the home or building. Heaters should be handled by a professional technician or emergency commercial plumber because they both involve dealing with natural gas and major risk of explosion. Don’t even try to fiddle or repair a water heater as a home job. One spark and the gas line can become an uncontrolled flame, burning down your entire structure.

A Hose Faucet or Spigot Leaking

When plumbing is left to the outside elements it takes a horrible beating, even if made of metal. The brass expands and contracts with the outside temperature, causing the seals inside to fail. Wrapping the spigot in insulating rubber helps for a while, but eventually, this gets worn off by the sun, wind and dust. Eventually, the spigot may start to show signs of weakening or failure.

Unfortunately, because it tends to be attached to a line going into the home, just twisting off the spigot won’t work well. You may actually end up twisting off the pipe inside the wall, creating a gushing leak in your structure. It’s a better idea to have an emergency commercial plumber come in with the right tools, cut the water pressure, replace the unit, and then restore everything again to working order.

Clogged Drain

What’re the most common things to do with a clogged drain? They pour a chemical down it to burn out the blockage. Just about all drain treatments involve some kind of an acid chemical which will eventually weaken and burn through a clog if it can get to it through the line. However, that same chemical isn’t doing nice things to the pipe and line either. The better, more effective method of clog removal is to route the line clean of debris so that it doesn’t clog again anytime soon. An emergency commercial plumber already has the right tools and can run an extended router well into the plugged line, reaching much deeper than a chemical treatment ever could.

Rattling Pipes – Not the Band You Were Looking For

Pipe often makes a racket due to trapped air in the line, and the pressure causes the pipe to vibrate. Constant water pressure avoids this problem. Installing a regulating valve lets trapped air escape, but the attachment isn’t for the faint of heart. Any kind of major line changes and modifications are best done by emergency commercial plumber who knows how to install these features correctly so they don’t leak.

The Garbage Disposal Is Stuck

Do not, ever, stick your hand down the disposal to free it. If something is stuck, it is well embedded in the disposal teeth and unlikely to be easily pulled out. If organic, it will rot and free up. A Diet Coke poured in is very good for this approach with the soda acid doing a wonderful job breaking down food.

If metal or plastic, the disposal may be damaged and need replacing. Fortunately, they are cheap to replace, but you need to be adept with tools to install one. Do it wrong, and the water will leak all over your kitchen. If you’re not sure, let an emergency commercial plumber do the work. Again, it’s a lot cheaper than replacing your floor.

While a lot of these tips can seem easy but to ensure longevity and assured solutions you should reach out to the professionals or emergency commercial plumber. We’ll make sure these issues don’t keep coming back, and you’ll get to enjoy your home or building a lot more doing what you want to do instead of cleaning up water everywhere. Call Advanced Pro today or contact us online for a quick response.

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