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It’s when homeowners who aren’t licensed plumbers try to effect repairs themselves then an emergency plumbing repair expert is required. There might be plenty of tutorials online or classes at the local big box store for homeowners to try their hand at DIY plumbing, but the background knowledge would be missing. That’s what causes damages down the road requiring a professional for emergency plumbing repair, like these.

Limited Knowledge Of Tools And Technology

Technology has finally made it to the bathroom. DIYers who want to repair their own bath facilities need to become educated in touchless faucets and toilets, smart toilets, smart showers, and smart water heaters. They must also know all about Bluetooth showerheads, tankless water heaters, and hot water recirculators.

That’s just in the bathroom. DIYers should also know all about smart irrigation, leak detectors, and greywater systems. These are all part of the plumbing system in your home. If all this leaves homeowners’ heads spinning, think of the tools you’ll have to have on hand with which to repair them.

Most homeowners have on hand a variety of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and ratchet sets. However, pros who tend to emergency plumbing repairs¬† have threads, els, tees, and joints requiring specific tools . Since most homeowners aren’t knowledgeable, licensed plumbers, they won’t have the right tools.

This can cause serious damages if homeowners try to make repairs with the wrong tools. Plumbers make repairs look so easy, because they have the right tool for any emergency plumbing repair. 

To avoid water damages to the home, DIYers should leave the emergency plumbing repair to the experts.

Safety Hazards

Since the plumbing is usually out of sight behind walls, most homeowners have no idea which are bringing water into the house and which are taking it out. Nor are they generally aware that waste is carried out through pipes, and that venting is required for safe gas removal.

Now that homeowners know that, they should also know that DIY plumbing repair could misfire and contaminate the public water supply. Before trying to repair plumbing yourself, be aware of what’s in the pipes: is it raw sewerage, gas, or water under pressure?

This is a small sample of the safety hazards to which DIYers are susceptible:

Regulatory Hazards

Emergency plumbing repair is generally the recourse of DIYers who didn’t research codes properly. When homeowners sell their houses and an inspection is done, any work the DIYer has done outside code will have to be redone and reinspected before the sale can go through. That’s costing the homeowner twice what it would have cost had he had it done by a pro in the first place. Homeowners should pay special attention to these codes:

The water in the heater or the temperature thereof reaches a certain level and stops there. If it doesn’t and the temperature rises, the heater can explode. A T and P valve stops that from happening by equalizing the pressure or lowering the temperature. Some homeowners plug the dripping water, thus setting the stage for an explosion. Call the pros fast.

Homeowners may check with their city, county, and/or state offices to find a list of codes, or they can look online.

More Damage

At some time, every plumbing company has aired a commercial portraying a homeowner with a wrench in his hand, a dismayed look of panic on his face, and water gushing out of something. When a non-expert tries to fix something he knows nothing about, damages can happen.

It isn’t just gushing water right in front of your face. It’s water damages from leaks of origins that aren’t readily apparent. It’s frozen pipes you didn’t notice or reduced water pressure due to burst pipes beneath the house. By the time you see it, you could fish in the lake the burst pipes have caused. To avoid more damages, call in the experts.

Homeowners with the DIY inclination but having no knowledge of plumbing should call the professional, especially for emergency plumbing repair. We have the knowledge, experience, tools, technology, and diagnostic expertise to understand your plumbing problem and fix it the right way the first time. We’ll work with your time frame, budget, or help you deal with emergency plumbing repair when you call us today.

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