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In most cases, wise homeowners with an upcoming summer Residential project NJ consider their specific needs, the associated costs, return on investment, and general appeal of their homes.


A patio is basically an outdoor extension of a home house, placed directly on the ground to provide additional space. In most cases, patios are made from concrete, bricks, pavers, stone, or tiles. They can be constructed as a separate structure on the yard from the main house or can be connected it. The advantage of modern patios is that they can be constructed, remodeled, or renovated to include features such as basking areas, barbecue spaces and fire pits for a relaxing evening.

  • Patios add to Décor and Social Space: Apart from adding to the décor of the home, a patio can provide an admirable space for relaxing and socializing with your loved ones during summer.
  • Cost Effective Option: In overall, building a patio is considered less expensive as compared to creating a deck of roughly the same size. However, the materials used, location, and the features installed, and the fees charged by the service and tool rental NJ Company may be key in determining the overall project costs.
  • ROI: A patio increases property value and fetches higher profits in case of resale.
  • May Consist of Landscaping: Since a patio can be installed away from the main house, homeowners that want to bask out and have additional relaxing space that includes plantation, trees, outdoor pools, and other landscaping features can enjoy the convenience.
  • Patios may or may not be covered: One may choose not to cover the patio to save on costs and time of installation.


Regardless of being a bit costlier than a patio, a deck is advantageous in that it offers an enclosed outdoor area. This is because decks can be installed off, either the lower floor areas of the home, the upper-level rooms, or even aside the rooftop level of a home. The structure is more often than not, enclosed with a railing or some form and end up providing fantastic views of the environment for the homeowner or the home’s residents.

In addition, decks are most commonly made from wood or vinyl, which give them a natural, appealing look and feel. They are also different from patios in that they aren’t installed directly above the ground, but consist of a form of support structure instead.

  • Perfect For Uneven Ground: When the ground is uneven, a deck can be easier, cheaper, and more ideal to install as compared to a patio.
  • Decks Often Fetch More Value: In terms of ROI, a deck can increase the resale value of your more than twice as much as a patio can.
  • Decks provide a better field of view: In general, a deck offers better scenery and viewing ranges, since the support system can take the homeowner’s preferred height.


Whether you choose a patio or a deck, both these types of house extensions are great additions to property in terms of ROI, additional social space and, improved exterior home décor. With the help of an experienced home remodeling expert, a deck or patio can be an excellent investment on a summer project.