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It’s time for homeowners here in NJ to start thinking about how they’re going to get things ready for the change in weather.  There’s a lot that needs to be done each year to make sure your plumbing, heating, and cooling systems keep running like they’re designed to. Without some preventative maintenance, problems will surely begin to lurk in the shadows until one day when you least expect it, it rears its ugly head and threatens to cause serious problems, maybe even a problem as big as a breakdown!

Identify Frozen Pipes Now to Prepare for Next Winter

The first thing to do is to use the slightly warmer temperatures this time of year to get out and inspect your plumbing system to identify which pipes are most susceptible to freezing.  Although it may seem at first to be a bit on the late side to be checking for frozen pipes, try looking at it from another perspective – you’re not too late, but actually early, in preventing frozen pipes from happening next winter!

Find Exposed Pipes in Your Plumbing System

Any pipes or other runs in your plumbing system that aren’t protected by your home or some other structure are prone to damage like cracking and general wear.  It’s much better to identify and replace any damaged or worn runs of piping now instead of being forced to do it at an inconvenient time like when it decides to burst open and flood the yard someday this summer!  Use this opportunity to save time and stay a step ahead of disasters.

Don’t Forget the Drains!

It’s very easy to do, but make sure you don’t forget about all the drains in your plumbing system, both inside and outdoors.  Make sure they are draining at a reasonable rate. If you find a slow drain, it’s likely you have a partial clog you will need to remove to avoid future issues.

The Rest of Your Outdoor Plumbing?

Yes, there’s more to your outdoor plumbing system that often goes forgotten.  There’s more to it than just pipes and water. In fact, your home’s outdoor plumbing includes the function of the home’s exterior as well as any plumbing systems you set up for your yard or garden such as downspouts, and yes, of course, water spigots outside as well. Late winter and early spring can bring plenty of precipitation in New Jersey, so you’d be wise to make sure your downspouts are directed away from your home’s foundation.   

It’s also smart to inspect your gutters and such to make sure there’s nothing that could block the flow of water during a good healthy Springtime shower. Some other miscellaneous things to think about doing could be to examine your sprinkler heads for damage or blockages and you could also test your sprinkler system to make sure irrigation won’t be held up for your garden this year.

If you do run into anything you feel uncomfortable with or just don’t have to time to deal with, don’t forget to call your friends here at Advanced Professional Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning and we’ll stop out and take care of whatever you find that needs attention and make sure you’re good to go as the Springtime approaches and we can finally forget about the hassles of winter!

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