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When to get your dryer vent cleaned

When should you get your dryer vent cleaned? Dryer vents should be cleaned every once in awhile. Once a year is fine for smaller households but larger households should consider doing it every six months. However, there are some indicators of when you need to get them cleaned immediately. What to look for: longer loads, a burning smell, a hot dryer, and lint build up on the vent opening. Most of these are symptoms of lint build up in the dryer vent such as longer loads and burning smells. Some of these seem like minor inconveniences but you can’t leave these be.

The risk of a fire starting means you can’t ignore these warning signs. Even if a fire doesn’t break out, this blockage is not good for the overall health of your dryer. Keep these warning signs in mind as well as well how often your household uses your dryer in a week. Those will give you an idea if it’s time to get your dryer vent cleaned. Give us a call if it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten your dryer vent cleaned. Or if you notice some of those warning signs.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

Now that you know when you should get a dryer vent cleaning, this is what the cleaning process is like. As well, here’s an idea of how long you can expect the cleaning to take and what we’ll be doing. This is what we can do for your dryer vent. Firstly, you can expect your dryer cleaning to take about an hour. We’ll be in and out of your house before you know it.

You likely won’t even need to take a day off. The cleaning process will involve cleaning both behind the dryer and cleaning outside where the dryer vents to. We’ll have to move your dryer a bit but not too far. We’ll then vacuum out and clean out whatever lint we find in your dryer vent. We have the proper tools for this and the skills to do it right. Making sure it gets done right is a promise we can make to you.

Your dryer vent is an important part of your dryer that needs to be cleaned.

It can not be ignored. Unfortunately, it can also be hard to reach since it’s behind the dryer. That makes it a tough DIY job but that’s where we come in. The risk of fire and inconveniences that it’ll pose on you isn’t something that you should have to worry about. Let us take that worry away and clean your dryer vents for you. This is a service we want to provide for you.

Give us a call so we can see what we can do for you. If it’s been over a year since a cleaning or you notice some of the warning signs, get a cleaning. Don’t let your dryer vent become a risk or a source of inconveniences, let us get it cleaned.

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