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An Impeccable Ductless Installation Service

If you are on the hunt to find the best ductless AC install service in the New Jersey area, look no further as Advanced Professional Plumbing, Heating, and Cleaning has got you covered with its professional ductless AC installation service. 

For many years, we have been equipping houses, buildings, and offices with ductless AC at low ductless mini split installation cost, and we will continue doing the same for our future customers as well. You know that with a team of highly-seasoned and trained technicians, you can count on us when it comes to professional and quick ductless mini-split AC installation service.

Parts Of A Ductless AC

There are mainly two components of a ductless AC; an outdoor unit that is used to pass air inside the room and an outdoor unit that is installed outside the house. The compACt refrigerant line is located between the indoor and outdoor units, and this is why there is no need for a duct system in these types of ACs.

Reasons Why You Need Ductless AC Installation

Temperature control on an individual level

The ductless AC install will give you complete flexibility in temperature control, and you will be able to adjust the temperature of individual rooms without any hassle. With the help of temperature zoning and individual thermostat offered by ductless air conditioner installation, customizing the temperature on an individual room basis will become a pie for you.

Straightforward installation

The ductless air conditioner installation is very simple, and that’s why you will have to fACe zero downtime during the installation process. Our technicians will be done with the installation process way before your expectation. Just a three-inch hole, a couple of adjustments, and you will be made with your ductless air conditioner installation.

Low maintenance

The maintenance requirement in ductless ACs is very less since there is no involvement of any type of duct in ductless mini-split AC installation. You can go for an annual inspection of your ductless AC, but going ductless means that you will not have to deal with frequent repairs that are very common in other ACs. Even the ductless mini split installation cost is very less.

Improved air quality

The ducts are the primary source of impurity in the indoor air that you breathe. Ducts are notorious for allowing dust and bACteria to settle, and with air, it can be passed to your body. But since no duct is used in the ductless air conditioner installation, you will experience improved air quality.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Certifications and Reviews

 We are Amana certified dealers, and we have 800+ A ratings that speak for our high-quality ductless AC installation service.

High BBB rating– 

We have been rated A+ by Better Business Bureau, and that’s why you don’t need to worry about our compliance and quality of ductless mini-split AC installation service.

100% financing– 

We offer 100% easy financing options to our clients to make the payment for ductless mini-split AC installation more convenient for our customers.

Seasoned technicians-

We have highly seasoned technicians that are well trained for providing friendly and errorless ductless mini-split AC installation.

Affordable pricing– 

With us, the ductless mini-splitting installation cost will easily fit your budget as our ductless mini-splitting installation cost is very economical.


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