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What threats does a burst pipe pose?

A burst pipe does not just pose structural issues to the house but health hazards as well. One of the signs of burst pipe ie, water backflows, can lead to water-borne diseases. Mould, mildew, and other bacterias thriving because of the high level of moisture can aggravate allergies or lead to respiratory problems in the occupants of the building. 

Bust pipes can have a detrimental impact on the electricity of the house, which can spark disaster if overlooked. The worst impact is the financial one, where the negligence of a homeowner cost him their entire home. 

What Leads To A Burst Pipe?


The temperature in New Jersey goes below 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the chilling winters. The water at such temperature will naturally freeze and get accumulated in a particular area, causing a blockage in the pipe. This will build up the pressure, and the pipe might burst. 

Root Extension

If you have trees around your home, the possibility of pipe bursting increases manifold because as the tree grows, so does their root extension to the point that they start exerting pressure on the pipe leading to cracks in the pipe. 

Soil Shift

If you have ever had construction around your home done near the foundation, this could lead to soil shifting from its place. Water pipes can burst in such a situation. 

Water Pressure

Water pressure on the entire pipeline system should be consistent. Sudden high water pressure can weaken the structural integrity of the pipe, thus leading to the bursting of the pipes. 

Improper Installations:

Improper pipework, layering, or connections make the entire pipeline system vulnerable to bursting in case even the slightest pressure is applied to them. 

Signs That The Pipe Is About To Burst –

Pooled Water

If you notice water pooling around the foundation of the home, this is a clear sign that it is a case of a burst pipe that needs immediate attention; otherwise, it will damage the structural integrity of the home. Overlooking sinkholes can cost you dearly in life. 

Leaking Interiors:

Check for leakage in your home, especially in areas such as bathroom, laundry room, and find the source of active water leakage. 

Dripping Water:

Do you notice bubbling, clanking, damp drywall, rings on the ceiling? These indicate water leakage, which could result in high water pressure, thereby bursting the pipe. 

Unsuspected Areas:

Basements, attics, crawl space, garages are the least visited areas of the home that become easy victims to plumbing issues, especially frozen pipes, leading to leakage or burst. 

Unexplained odour:

This is one of the common signs of a pipe that is either frozen or about to burst. If there is an odour that resembles that of an egg or is an unbearable pungent smell, you have a case of a pipe that is about to burst. 

Water Discolouration:

Is the water coming out of the faucets discoloured, cloudy, or are there any small particles in it? If yes, then the pipe has started to rust because of external and internal freezing, which can lead to its bursting any day. 

Why Us?

We only employ trained, certified, and experienced technicians to make sure that the burst pipe is no longer an issue for you in the long term. 

We make use of the latest tools and technologies to provide the best solution for 100% customer satisfaction. We are round the clock available for any and every type of emergency repair service. We are just a call away. 

Our team comes with extensive experience of inspecting, promptly identifying and fixing burst pipe issues alongside guiding the homeowners with the maintenance tips to ensure that they face no such problem in the future. 

We will provide quality burst repair service in the shortest turnaround time at the most competitive market price. 

Check out our deal section to save plenty on our services or schedule a burst pipe repair service today!

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