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Below is a 31pt. Part list description of the crucial parts associated with your heating and cooling system operation. Each part will be tested by our factory trained technician to your manufacturers specifications. Recommendations and pricing for any faulty or failed part will be given after inspection is completed.

  1. Ductwork
  2. Drain pan, trap, drain line
  3. Condensate pump
  4. Electrical connections
  5. Filters
  6. Fan Cap (mfd)
  7. Dual cap (mfd)
  8. Compressor starting amps, running amps
  9. Refrigerant pressure r22- 410 a
  10. Temperature differential from supply and return
  11. Evaporator clean
  12. Condenser coil
  13. Condenser fan motor
  14. Blower motor amps
  15. Inducer fan motor amps
  16. Humidifier
  17. Spark igniter
  18. Thermocouple
  19. Flame sensor
  20. Pressure switch
  21. Rollout switch
  22. Gas valve
  23. Heat Exchanger
  24. Pressure reducing valve
  25. Pressure relief valve
  26. Back flow preventer
  27. Circulator pump
  28. Zone valves
  29. Automatic water feeder
  30. Piping Black/popper
  31. Gas line connections