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Does your furnace make a horrible noise during operation? Are your energy bills much higher than normal? Do you feel that your furnace is simply no longer able to keep up with your heating needs? When it comes to furnace repair service in North Jersey, we have got you covered. Our furnace repair experts can fix any problem that might arise with your system, from broken down components to minor thermostat faults. Let us diagnose your furnace issue.


When it comes to addressing problems with your furnace, we may find that your system is not worth repairing, because either the damage is too extensive or it is not cost–effective to do so. In those cases, we recommend furnace replacement. We can give you a professional assessment of the status of your furnace so that you can make an informed decision.


Keeping your furnace well–adjusted and cleaned is the best way to ensure that your furnace is reliable throughout the years. Whether you enroll in a routine furnace maintenance program or simply get in touch with us on an occasional basis, we can make certain that your furnace is well taken care of. Our furnace maintenance technicians will closely inspect your furnace for any signs that something could be wrong and thoroughly clean it so that it operates as it should.


If you want to upgrade your old oil–based furnace to a highly efficient gas furnace, then you’ll want to get in touch with Advanced Professional Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Furnaces are powerful, but you need to make sure that your system burns cleanly and makes the most of your energy consumption. With our oil to gas conversion service in North Jersey, your home will not only be comfortable but also efficient for many years. Call us today.


Natural gas is an excellent resource that many customers in our area take full advantage of throughout the heating season. If you’re in the market for a new heater, then you may want to consider a professionally installed and serviced gas furnace. We can make certain that your home is warm and comfortable when you need it to be.


If you don’t have gas piping already installed in your home, or it is unavailable to you, then you may want to opt for a professionally installed electric furnace. We can advise you on what size you should buy and make sure that it’s installed correctly. Call Advanced Professional Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today for excellent furnace services in North Jersey.

Advanced Professional Home Furnace Maintenance Service

New Jersey gets freezing cold in winters with the temperature dropping as low to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in January. The only saviour of homeowners at this time are the furnaces and the comforting hot air they blow. But what if the minute you turn the furnace on, it gives off strange noises, or there is a stench? What if the air is not getting evenly distributed to the entire home? 

When was the last time you consulted a home furnace maintenance and furnace repair company? The long pause is the reason enough to reach out to one immediately. 


Why consult a furnace repair company, you ask when it can be fixed with a DIY?

If you ever happen to Google, “DIY accidents,” you will be stunned to see the soaring figures and would make a wise choice of leaving the job best to a credible furnace repair company. 

Periodic home furnace maintenance and furnace repair are necessary to ensure the system is in good condition and to check for and promptly resolve issues if any. 

You will observe the change in the air quality which every corner of the home will receive with regular home furnace maintenance.

Regular inspection and furnace repair by trained technicians become essential to enhance its operational life and reduce those sudden spikes in energy bills. 

Damages that go unnoticed could pose a severe safety hazard to the home and your loved one, if not inspected and fixed at the right time by a professional furnace repair company. 

Why Us?

We have a team of trained technicians with extensive experience in repairing and servicing furnaces, be it electric or gas, with the same knowledge and diligence that will guarantee your furnace can work to its complete operational life. 

Putting their experience to use, they will be quick to identify and repair the furnace issue with the right set of tools in the shortest turnaround time. 

Our home furnace maintenance technician will make sure that your furnace is spick and span, and continues to provide you with warmth in those chilly winters, 

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schedule a service with our furnace repair company today!

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